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Race Results - Skyhawk Nature Run Melaka 2015, Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race 2015 and 1st Rizal 360 60km Ultra Marathon 2015

What : Skyhawk Nature Run Melaka 2015
When : 18th January 2015 (Sunday)
Where : Rumah Melaka, Jalan Tun Kudu , Bukit Katil, Melaka
Distance :  21km (21.5km by Alvin Yap's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 10
Website : Click here!

Men Open:
1'53:00 - Barkley Wong Sing Haow (00th)
1'57:00 - Alvin Yap Keng Ging, Pm26 (00th)
2'11.08 - Lee Yee Sum, Pm12 (00th)
2'14:56 - Alan Leong (00th)
2'18.00 - Teoh Seng Chor, Pm58 (00th)

Men Veteran:
2'04.15 - Yap Chee Ching, Pm68 (00th)
2'14.09 - Chua Eng Siong, Pm35 (00th)

Women Open:
2'38.00 - Fiona Lee Siew Teng, Pm72 (00th)

Women Veteran:
2'24.00 - Phun Pey Lee, Pm79 (00th)
2'54.00 - Cheah Ying Foong (00th)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What : Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race 2015
When : 17th January 2015, 8:00am (Saturday) - 18th January 2015, 2:00pm (Sunday)
Where : Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung Peninsula - Rotary Club Park (Tai Mo Shan)
Distance : 100km (100km by Fong Sai Siong's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 3
Medal : Finisher medal within 30 hours cut-off time.
Website : Click here!

Men Category :
27'05.38 - Tay Poh Chye, Pm66 (974th)
28'16.17 - Fong Sai Siong, Pm50 (1031th)
9'30.35 - Chin Teck Sin, Pm18 (00th) - CP6 (65km) - DNF!!

Women Category :
10'54.20 - Lim Siaw Hua, Pm11 (00th) - CP6 (65km) - DNF!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What : 1st Rizal 360 60km UltraMarathon 2015
When :  18th January 2015 (Sunday) 12:00am - 2:00pm
Where : Start : Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall ,
              Finish : Sta.lucia Mall Event Parking Area, Pasig/Cainta Rizal, Phillipines
Distance : 60km (60.12km by Woo Weng Kwong's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 3
Medal :  Finisher medals for all within cut off time 14 hours
Website : Click here!
Official Result : Click here!

Men Category:
8'36.00 - Real Ho Yuen Loong, Pm89 (30th)
9'43.00 - Woo Weng Kwong, Pm83 (49th)
9'51.00 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (54th)
10'14.00 - Yum Kin Kok, Pm65 (59th)

Women Category:
10'13.00 - Kong Yen Erl, Pm41 (58th)
10'48.00 - Lam Foong Nee (71th)

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Pacemakers Anniversary Run 2015 : Tee Order

For inquiry, kindly contact Weng Woo 012-207 2128

To Purchase Your Tee Order : Click Here!

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Race Results - WaterGate 16 Hours 2015, Multipurpose Insurance Run 2015, Penang Run 2014/2015 (Series 2 - Seberang Perai Tengah), Dragon Back Run 2015 and The Columbia Trail Masters Episode VIII 2015

What : WaterGate 16 Hours 2015
When : 10th January 2015 (Saturday), 8:00pm - 11th January 2015 (Sunday), 12:00pm
Where : Taman Seri Empangan, Precint 5, Putrajaya
Distance :  5km / loop (run as many loops possible within 16 hours)
Website : Click here!

Men Open:
15'41.00 [100 km] - Tay Poh Chye, Pm66 (00th)
7'07.15 [52 km] - Real Ho Yuen Loong, Pm89 (00th)
00'00.00 [52 km] - Jeff Ooi Joo Wan, Pm67 (00th)
10'50.00 [52 km] - Cheang Meng Wai, Pm6 (00th)
10'30.00 [52 km] - Barkley Wong Sing Haow (00th)

Women Open:
7'02.07 [52 km] - Lim Siaw Hua, Pm11 (00th)
10'00.00 [52 km] - Yeong Lai Ling (00th)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What : Multipurpose Insurance Run 2015
When :  11th January 2015 (Sunday)
Where : Padang Merbuk, KL
Distance : 12km (12.08km by Ronnie See's GPS Kok)
                       9km (7.07km by Kenny Wong Kok Wai's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 10
Medal : Finishing Medal for all
Website : Click here!

Men Open 12km:
44.52 - Farah Soh Wai Ching, Pm55 (3rd) - Podium!!
47.28 - Hong Chee Wai, Pm92 (5th) - Podium!!
48.56 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (5th) - Podium!!
56.31 - Stanley Cheong MY, Pm53 (00th)
1'07.02 - Fabio Lee Kin Leong, Pm45 (00th)
1'16.17 - Alan Leong (00h)

Men Veteran 12km:
48.56 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (5th) - Podium!!

Women Open 12km:
55.46 - Loh Voon Ying, Pm81 (5th) - Podium!!
1'18.37 - Peng Peng Bird (00th)

Men Open 9km:
37.59 - Goh Jing Jing (7th) - Podium!!
38.51 - Loh Voon Leong, Pm56 (9th) - Podium!!
40.43 - Ken Lam, Pm20 (16th)
00.00 - Kenny Wong Kok Wai, Pm69 (00th) - DNF!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What : Penang Run 2014/2015 (Series 2 - Seberang Perai Tengah)
When :  11th January 2015 (Sunday)
Where : Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai, Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam
Distance : 21km (22.3km by Sharon Chow Siew Hoon's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 5
Cash Prize : Top 20
Medal :  Finisher Medal within cut-off time 3 hours
Website : Click here!
Official Result : Click here!

Men Senior Veteran:
1'41.28 - Lim Kian Huat, Pm5 (3rd)

Women Senior Veteran:
2'27.14 - Sharon Chow Siew Hoon, Pm74 (26th)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What : Dragon Back Run 2015
When :  11th January 2015 (Sunday)
Where : Sekolah Kebangsaan Meru 2, Jalan Paip, Klang
Distance : 25km (25.25km by Lee Yee Sum's GPS Kok)
                      15km (14.61km by Woo Weng Kwong's GPS Kok)
                      10km (10.22km by Goh Shu Wei's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 5
Medal :  Finisher medals for all
Website : Click here!

Men Open 25km:
2'12.30 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (00th)
2'45.00 - Alvin Yap Keng Ging, Pm26 (00th)

Men Junior Veteran 25km:
2'26.41 - Lee Yee Sum, Pm12 (00th)

Men Senior Veteran 25km:
2'41.25 - Yap Chee Ching, Pm68 (00th)
2'53.00 - Chua Eng Siong, Pm35 (00th)

Women Open 25km:
3'26.58 - Cheah Ying Foong (00th)

Women Veteran 25km:
2'56.00 - Phun Pey Lee, Pm79 (00th)

Men Open 15km:
1'40.03 - Woo Weng Kwong, Pm83 (00th)
1'43.21 - Real Ho Yuen Loong, Pm89 (00th)
0'00.00 - Jun Wen (00th)

Men Junior Veteran 15km:
1'05.57 - Daniel Tan Soo Liang, Pm3 (3rd) - Podium!!

Women Open 15km:
2'02.14 - Fiona Lee Siew Teng, Pm72 (00th)

Women Veteran 15km:
2'08.00 - Sara Woo (00th)

Men Open 10km:
44.35 - Goh Shu Wei, Pm87 (5th) - Podium!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What : The Columbia Trail Masters Episode VIII 2015
When :  11th January 2015 (Sunday)
Where : Khao Mai Keao Reservation Park, Pattaya, Chon Buri, Thailand
Distance : 50km (50.6km by Lai Fong Sang's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 5
Medal :  Finisher Medal within cut-off time 3 hours
Website : Click here!
Official Result : Click here!

Men Veteran:
8'33.38 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (00th)

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Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #20 (PM20)

“Where there is a will, there is a way!” - Thomas Edison

Thanks God. Praise the Lord!

Dear all PM friends,

Firstly, it was my pleasure to thank our Captain Ronnie for inviting me to join Der Pia team of
Pacemakers family together with Shu Wei and Cheon Keong. Thank you once again!

Short introduction about myself, I’m Ken Lam from Cheras and started my running journey toward the
end of 2009 where I suffer the most during the Mizuno Wave run. It was all the way hilly route up and
down. There are 2 main reasons to take up the running during that time, very first thing is to reduce my
weight (around 77kg) and second is to collect different kind of medal. After working and retired as Navy
reservist for long long time with less exercise and no proper diet, I was caught with fatty liver then (from
June 2009 medical report). From that time onwards, I was determined and struggled to shave off my
weight by jogging around my neighborhood every day until the first race.

I remembered my virgin half and full marathon was in the following year on 2010, the Putrajaya Night
Run where I took two and half hours for half marathon; and Energizer Night race which I took about five
and half hours for full marathon. Looking at the time and my face, you will know that I’m half dead and
fully exhausted. The preparation for the both run was simple and straight forward that time, just run the
weekly mileage between 40km to 50km and that it.

In the year of 2010, where I have completed my virgin half and full marathon, I’m confident to do my full
medical checkup again, surprisingly in the report all the common diseases such as fatty liver and high
cholesterol completed wiped out from my body. Since then, I never look back and continued building my
confidence in running more races and of course collecting more races medal. To date, I have completed
10 full marathons. Not to forget, swimming and cycling also part of my training plan.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to enjoy my running and training with Der Pia family together in many times
to come!

So in short, Where there is a will, there is a way!

Best Wishes

Ken Lam :)
Brought 2u by,
Ken Lam @ PM20
Ken Lam Facebook @

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Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #47 (PM47)

First, My Sincere Thanks To Captain Ronnie PM1 And Committee For Inviting Me Into This Hardcore Der PaceMakers Malaysia Family. Why? Someone Achieve 2000KM A Year!

Second, I Apologise For The Delay In Submit “Medical Report”. Maaf Ya.

About Mi

I Am From Kuala Lumpur - Kepong, But Right Now Earning Sinkapo Duit. In Year 2013 or Earlier, I Used To Travel Monthly From SG To MY, To Visit My Parent And Take Part Malaysia Running Event (From 5KM to Full Marathon). Now? No More. Focus On Singapore Running Events.

Why? Why? Tell Mi Why? Yeah, Another Sweet Angel In Da House :p

Thank you to my wife, and my Sweet Angel. I would not have made it this far without such a strong support system.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell. Just Make It Simple And Short :)

• When Did You First Get Into Running And Why Did You Start?
I Can’t Really Remember Why I Started – I Was Never Very Interested In Running Up Until That Point, And Then One Day I Just Decided On A Whim To Sign Up For A 10KM Race. My 1st Running Event Is Singapore Sundown Marathon 2009 – Team Category 10KM. The Most Influential People Is My Audit Partner, Ms Tiang Yii. From 10KM, 21KM to Full Marathon, Is Not An One Month Mission. Once The Running Engine Start, My Running Life Go On And On. How To “Insaf”?

• What Is Your Running Goal?
My Running Goal is “You Don’t Have To Go Fast, You Just Have To Go.” I Am Not The Fastest Or Best Runner And Never Will Be, But That’s Okay. Running Has Changed My Life For The Better In So Many Ways, so Whenever I Don’t Feel Like Running, I Just Remember That One Kilometer Is Always Better Than No Kilometer At All. Run Safe And Enjoy To Max.

• Why I Love Running?
Makes Me Feel Healthy.Cholesterol Level Reduced! Weight Reduced! But Tummy Still There. Oh No!

Helps You Live Longer.
Till 99 Years Old? OMG

Allows Me To Eat.
Apa Lagi?! Carbo Loading. Just Makan!

Keeps Me Happy. Yeah! When You Cross The Finishing Line.

Give Me Mental Fortitude.
Mind Over Marathon!

Allowed Me To See The City In A Whole New Way.
Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Philippine, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar etc.

Because Of The People.
Runners Are Just Great People.

Finisher Medal.
Now All At Store Room.

Lastly, I Wish A Happy New Year To All PaceMaker Malaysia Members And Friends.

No Forget, Thanks Ronnie And Weng Woo To Update My Weekly Running Result And Running Mileage To UPL. KamSiah And chEERz.

Brought 2u by, 
Yap Teck Hooi @ PM47
Teck Hooi Facebook @

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Race Results - Newton Challenge 2014 - 25km / 15km, Morib Run 2014 and MDCC NYE Fun Run 2014

What : Newton Challenge 2014 - 25km / 15km
When :  28th December 2014 (Sunday)
Where : Giant Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor
Distance : 25km (24.31km by Hong Chee Wai's GPS Kok)
                     15km (14.75km by Ronnie See's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 10
Website : Click here!
Official Result : Click here!

Men Open 25km:
1'46.08 - Hong Chee Wai, Pm92 (6th) - Podium!!
2'07.57 - Real Ho Yuen Loong, Pm89 (25th)
2'11.10 - Stanley Cheong MY, Pm53 (34th)
2'11.44 - Wong Choen Keong, Pm88 (36th)
2'15.02 - Loh Wing Keen, Pm82 (43th)
3'12.00 - Barkley Wong Sing Haow (00th) - 3:15hrs Pacer

Men Veteran 25km:
2'15.45 - Tay Poh Chye, Pm66 (19th)
2'26.57 - Chin Min Khai (38th)
2'31.44 - Yap Chee Ching, Pm68 (51th)
2'37.52 - Teoh Seng Chor, Pm58 (70th)
2'37.58 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (71th)
3'05.59 - Chua Eng Siong, Pm35 (132th)
00.00 - Lim Kian Huat, Pm5 (00th) - DNS!!

Women Open 25km:
2'22.12 - Loy Zhen Qi (4th) - Podium!!
2'44.47 - Phun Pey Lee, Pm79 (15th)
2'45.56 - Kong Yen Erl, Pm41 (17th)
3'33.12 - Fiona Lee Siew Teng, Pm72 (83th)

Women Veteran 25km:
3'03.50 - Sharon Chow Siew Hoon, Pm74 (37th)
3'06.38 - Cheah Ying Foong (39th)

Men Open 15km:
1'02.18 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (6th) - Podium!!
1'03.50 - Goh Shu Wei, Pm87 (8th) - Podium!!
1'04.26 - Kenny Wong Kok Wai, Pm69 (10th) - Podium!!
1'06.04 - Goh Jing Jing (12th)
1'25.14 - Atley Law Kok Eng, Pm90 (51th)
1'49.13 - Woo Weng Kwong, Pm83 (233th)

Men Veteran 15km:
1'18.15 - Yum Kin Kok, Pm65 (13th)
1'40.17 - Calvin Chan Yan San, Pm63 (56th)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What : Morib Run 2014
When : 28th December 2014 (Sunday)
Where : Pantai Morib, Kuala Langat Selangor
Distance : 5km (5.05km by Yeo Chong Yong's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 10
Medal : Finisher Medal for Top 500
Website : Click here!

Men Open :
20.13 - Yeo Chong Yong (8th) - Podium!!
20.50 - Naresh Kumar (11th)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What : MDCC NYE Fun Run 2014
When : 31th December 2014 (Wednesday)
Where : Ikea Car Park Entrance, Petaling Jaya Selangor
Distance : 5km (4.53km by Ronnie See's GPS Kok)
Podium : Top 5
Medal : Finisher Medal for all
Website : Click here!

Men Open :
17.50 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (10th)
18.40 - Loh Voon Leong, Pm56 (00th)
20.21 - Real Ho Yuen Loong, Pm89 (00th)
21.03 - Yum Kin Kok, Pm65 (00th)
22.30 - Atley Law Kok Eng, Pm90 (00th)
00.00 - Goh Shu Wei, Pm87 (00th) - DNS!!

Women Open:
24.12 - Peng Peng Bird (2nd) - Podium!!
28.19 - Sharon Chow Siew Hoon, Pm74 (00th)

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #89 (PM89)

You Can You Will” – Joel Osteen

Dear Semua Abang Kakak PM’s & Friends,

The Ultra delay PM medic-report of PM89 is finally on board.  It is much grateful and kind of PM1, Captain Ronnie See for his patience awaiting my medic-report, I hereby MOHAN MAAF TO CAPTAIN ATAS KELEWATAN LAPORAN LARIAN PERIBADI SAYA. Till now I managed to introduce my running journey. I was invited by Captain to join Pacemakers (PM) big family after the Pacemakers Annual Dinner, early January 2013 via FB message. After pending one year for medical report, I have received my official PM# (Lucky No) in January 2014.

Let me start with brief introduction about myself. My name is Ho Yuen Loong, in Chinese called in
潤龍. IT could be hard to remember? Just simply remember the superstar香港影帝周潤發的潤, 国际巨星成龍的龍. Hahaha, I’m NOT superstar. You can also call me as Real Ho or hOsiang or Pp (粉豹). Why is there another nickname called Pp - Pink Panther? Hmm, izzit Pp really run fast? It is not.

Refer to photo below you will know how, the [Pp] was born on Sep 2010 before I’m real passion runner.

The moment is caught during my photographing in action (Wedding Day photography) XD

I work as IT Coordinator / Associate in a local broker firm located at PJ, background from IT based. I am active in outdoor activities since 2006, initially I was novice hiker, gathered much valuable experiences from my numerous day hike and multi-days camping, I have transformed into adventure hiker. I’m also amateur photographer in wedding, landscape & macro photography.

I’ve never thought that my life journey will be a runner, can’t believe even an ultra marathon runner as now. During school time, I was a person totally not active in any sport activity. Nowadays “running” has become an essential part of my living.

I always remind myself, never under estimate your inner soul potential & capability. If you never move on the first step to attempt, you never know “You Can”, and “You Will” not achieve. Nothing come as easy or free, no such thing as “No Pain will gain”! Keep find a way/method to training (hiking/running) is one of the best way to strengthen the willpower, those hard earned prides is being gone through countless of hardworking workout, sweating with tears, hardship, obstacles and pain of fallen which is definitely unavoidable. Accumulated valuable hiking experiences had eventually made me a strong mentality guy. Don’t be afraid of failure! Do not give up, stay strong and stand up again, keep moving forward. It is important to know your ultimate objective, slow doesn’t matter and nothing is too late! Believe “You Can” made it and “You Will” not gave up.

Back to year 2006, before I participating my first run for fun on 2009, my activity mostly on hiking and some light sport exercises such as Badminton & Futsal, a version of five-a-side indoor football.  Photography outing is also another part of my life activity, which include portrait model, landscape, macro and involvement as freelance wedding photography. Only begin of year 2010, started my running seriously as I need to train for enhance of my hiking fitness. Through consistent and regular jogging, I have stronger my legs’ strength for tough mountain hiking.

Those years hike to summit of Mount Nuang, Year 2007.

Commenced my hiking activity in mid Y2006, I was invited by my colleague to join a day hike event to Gunung Bunga Buah at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highland in big group. (Is my first returning hike after the phobia hike at Bukit Tabur on Y2000, guess so is that year and still a youngster, scare die-Kiasi… lolx). This is indeed memorable & unforgettable adventurous hiking event, I survived at this day hike but become a Yellow Man (Muddy Man because fallen too many due to rain & slippery, super tired after hike). Since then I decided to involve myself participating in many upcoming hiking activities planned by my colleague and new meet up senior hiker. Thereafter, we planned to attempt hiking those challenge mountains at Malaysia which included the highest peak in Borneo, Mount Kinabalu, Mount Tahan, Mount G7 series, Mount Benum and volcano Mounts at neighbour countries. I was a beginner and very weak in hiking, each time after hike, I was definitely suffered calf muscle cramped and soreness, especially the strenuous climb of terrain, especially such as Mount Nuang.

My running journey began in 2009 started with small short distance race, enjoyed the crowd and mingling around with a group of friends. Still remembered well after each run, felt very “Q Sanfu” with jelly leg! Why? Don’t have regular training and each race is just forcing myself to run, didn’t run in proper manner and wearing wrong type of shoe. This is the year how I began my running journey, totally inexperienced.

Y2009 ended with sweet, sour & painful short run memory! Most interesting of the events participated were Towerthon & Walkathon and some short distance race as follows:-

KL Towerthon Challenge on March (First attempt climb staircase – Clocked in 25m59s)
SCKLM – 10km on June (First Mini Marathon run for fun)
Mizuno Wave Run 10km on October
2nd Putrajaya International 12 Hours Walk on December (Just covered 41km, at km19 my calf cramped)
& the longest run at Malakoff 12km Run.

The Year 2010 is year to attempt Half Marathon, to move forward to another level of running, 21km.

I usually train on treadmill or KLCC Park (near my KL office) with my colleague cum running buddy, Weng Woo on every Thursday. We normally go training together after work at approximately 7pm! On a rainy evening, we will run on treadmill available at office gym.  From there (KLCC Park), we get to know the adiNation KLCC training group conducted by Ronnie. Here is the place both of us know captain, from there onwards, we joined the extra-ordinary training guided by captain and his teammate.

The Y2010 is consider tougher year for me, also with my running buddy, Weng Woo (Now as PM83). After completing our first virgin HM, that is also considered another tough mission long run to us, we reminding ourselves never have the guts to think about Full Marathon, the distance of 42.195KM.
Never!! Kill me better!

Following month by month self-initiative training at KLCC Park and regularly signed up short distance races in Y2010, we both received many inspiration, advices, and encouragements, thus built up some confidence! We both together with few friends have decided to attempt our FMV at Sundown, Singapore in May 2011. Why chosen Sundown Marathon? Because this is a night marathon with generous cut off time of 9 hours, need not to worry about running/walking the second half distance under the hot scorching sun. Die Die go la… hahaha!! Surprisingly, I completed my first FMV in 5h35m with correct strategy i.e. slow and steady at first half, faster at second half but cramped at last 1km, XD. Anyway, the special thanks to Tanker & SH Foo for guiding and pacing during this marathon, without them I might hit the wall earlier.

Makai Club buddies first time join relay run at PAR6.

The year 2011 – is Full Marathon year to me. Enter into 3rd year of running journey.
I have completed total of 3 FMs (the Sundown, SCKLM & PBIM) in 2011! This is the saddest year as I completed SCKLM (2nd FM) beyond cut off time, the only race I had disqualified (DQ), Sob Sob. A wrong plan begin too fast, I have started with fast pace and ended up suffered severe cramp on both legs at 22km. The cramp was totally unbearable, managed to finish with walking pace in personal worst record of 6h35m. The failure on SCKLM made me stay strong, I started to train smart and restructure my plan on how to run in comfortable pace for upcoming PBIM which will be 5 months away. As I am still a newbie in FM, I found a Marathon Pace Wristband, is learn how to maintain a constant Even Pace. One of the keys to achieving your best marathon time is to keep an even pace throughout the race. Go out too fast and you'll hit the wall, go out too slow and you won't be able to make up the time later (but you may feel more rested at the end). Determine the pace that you believe you can honestly achieve and stick to it.

Appreciated what I have trained harder and target sub5:30 in PBIM (3rd FM), finally I achieved with wristband targeted timing 5h28m (PB 5:28:24). The achievement PBIM reborn me to keep it running till today – Believe you can do it better!! Definitely, you can achieve it!

Year of 2012 is another Challenging Year, 4th year in my running journey. It is getting higher goal to be achieved, I aimed the 12x12 target, means 12 marathons or beyond FM distance to completed within 12 months period! Together with my active running buddy, Weng Woo, finally both of us achieved it by end of the year. In 2012, I had completed 10 FM with PB of 4:18:xx at PBIM, I have also performed satisfactorily in the 3rd Putrajaya International 12 Hours Walk, covering 69km and achieved my first MR25 ultra trail run with longest distance of 83.2km (10.4km x 8 laps MacRitchie Trail within 12hrs) at Singapore.

2012 is my fruitful year in running history with the most Personal Best achievements, below is 12x12 mission I achieved within cut off time:-

050112 SCHK Marathon, sub530 (5:28:xx)
210412 Energizer Night Marathon
060512 Borneo International Marathon, PB sub5 (4:58:xx)
270512 SG Sundown Marathon, PB 2nd sub5 (4:55:xx)
240612 SCKLM, revenge year from the fallen 2011, PB 3rd sub5 (4:38:xx)
260812 Songkhla Marathon, Thai. (Pos 18#, won RM100 cash prize for cat age 35-39)
090912 The River Jungle Marathon (Act as Pacer for friend)
160912 Taiping International Marathon (first B2B FM race in week)
111112 ** 100 Plus Passion Run 21km+9km (first B2B race in 2 days, PB 21km finally sub2 is achieved)
181112 Penang Bridge International Marathon, PB 1st sub4:30 (4:18:xx)
021212 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (Act as Pacer for friend)
091212 3rd Putrajaya International 12 Hours Walk (69km covered)
301212 MR25 Trail Ultramarathon (First trial ultra distance, achieved 83.20km in below 12 hours)
Total race mileages accumulated for 2012 was 773.20KM.

Vista Tower 59 Levels The Intermark Charity Tower Run - 10m43s on 2012 & Mt Liang Hiking Camp Trip on 2013

Get to know Lai Fong Sang (PM38) in middle of 2011 on a hiking event, one of the Ultra-marathoner from PM family. We’re getting closer to each other after joining many local & overseas races including hiking outing. Both of us have the same VISION to do ultra-marathon distance! I am so keen to attempt the tough and beautiful Philippines ultra-trail recommended by Abang Lai is attracted me. He tagged me with many beautiful scenery photos of “King of Mountain Series Four Lakes 100k”. As I have built up confidence from last year MR25 ultra, I decided to give it a try! My first visit to Philippines, the trail is undoubtedly so beautiful that really worth to pay a visit. From there onwards, we both begin the ULTRA MARATHON journey till to date. (^^)

Too bad, we both have made the biggest mistake! We were too enjoy spending our sweet time taking many photos along the route, spending too much time resting at check points, drink coffee and play with dog! We didn’t notice the cut off time of 16 hours originally at km49 relocated to km56, we did not pay full attention during race briefing! By the time I reached 56km check point, it was half an hour exceeding cut off time! I did not allow going ahead, my first DNF in race due to exceeding cut-off time.  A painful lesson learned, no matter how well you know the race regulation and detail, never miss a single word by Race Director during briefing, it can be a sudden reschedule during briefing, must pay full attention and listen carefully.

Race mileages of year 2013 just achieved 666.00KM, DNF in 2 ultra trail races (another one is Mount Rinjani Ultra - MRU, too tough for my level of fitness) that wasted 152km, else would have accumulated 818KM.

Y2013, 5th year running journey. Lesser Full Marathon (Just 6 FM’s), start to participate in Mountain Challenge race, begin of Ultra Trail Marathon, consider a Ultra Year which included Back2Back (*B2B) race, I’ve attempted B2B race for 3 times this year, not an easy task but glad I managed to complete it.

Races I have joined in 2013:-
270113 Yam Tuah Antah Challenge (Mountain Challenge)
030313 Brooks Half Marathon, PB sub2 achieved (1:45:59)
210413 The Island Ocean Marathon
190513 KL Towerthon, PB in 19m08s
250513 Four Lake Trail Ultra-marathon 100km (DNF@56km, a careless mistake)
310513 *Sundown Marathon 21km, B2B race (1:46:15)
010613 *Sundown Marathon 42km. Act as Pacer for friend, (8:06:45)
180813 Mount Rinjani Ultra 52km (DNF@34km, never under estimate mountain elevation)
010913 The River Jungle Marathon
140913 TMBT Trail Ultra-marathon 100km (Accomplished in 28h16m)
280913 *Larian Jambatan Sultan Mahmud Terengganu (HM 1:48 Position 46th, won cash prize RM100)
290913 *SCKL Marathon, final can sub4:30 in SCKLM (4:27:09)
061013 TNF Singapore 50km Trail Ultra-marathon
191013 *Putrajaya Night Marathon
201013 *Adidas King of the Road 16.5km. (Act as Sweeper)
171113 Penang Bridge International Marathon. 
Achieved 19
th FM at PBIM by end of Y2013, also accomplished 2 overseas trail ultra-marathon.

Adidas Sweepers Team 2013

Overseas Ultra-marathons race in Philippines – the finishing photothon.

The (Most) Craziest ever Year in my running journey, sixth (6th) year run, the 2014 – Beyond Ultra Year, I have attempted many consecutive Marathon/Ultra Marathon within multiple weeks. Never expected that I will reach this level of madness! Truly unbelievable! Thanks God I am capable of completing so many consecutive ultra-marathon races with injury free. Honestly, is there any fall of pain, fatigue, tiredness & minor injuries? Definitely yes, need learn how to overcome the adverse condition and how to speedy recovery race after race. The most important thing is proper rest with some nutrition from your daily meal is essential.

The achievements on race for Year 2014: Refer to 2014 UPL listed for race eventParticipated 2 local mountain challenge events – Yam Tuan Antah Mt Datuk & Mt Bujang Melaka.
KL Towerthon achieved new PB, 18m52s Men Open, Pos22# (Since 2009-25:59 – finally broke sub19min)

Accomplished Three of Consecutive Marathon/Ultra-marathon in multiple weeks
  * 6 Weeks 6 Marathon/Ultra Races (六周六連馬), covered total mileage 343.66KM
  * 7 Weeks 10 Marathon/Ultra Races (七周十連馬), covered total mileage 559.53KM
  * 4 Weeks 3 x100km Ultra Races included B2B (三大一百里), covered total mileage 381.68KM

Accomplished 2 Ultra Marathons within a day (
 - 20/9 7am Craze Ultra 45km, 20/9 7pm Craze Ultra 80km in Singapore, covered total mileage 125KM.
Accomplished 2 Marathons in 2 days (两日两馬), 
 - 4/10 Miyamit Falls Trail Marathon and 5/10 Run United Philippines Marathon in Philippines
Accomplished 2 Marathons/Ultra in 2 days in 2 countries (两日两國两馬),
 - 11/10 TNF Singapore 50km Trail, 12/10 SCKLM
Accomplished 16 laps x2.7KM of Park Marathon (1st ever looping Marathon), distance 43.2KM.
Accomplished 12 Hours Run Road Ultramarathon @Gunung Keriang 2.5km x 2ways x 17sets=85KM.
Accomplished SCKLM in -Ve Pace, finished at 4:25:39 although yesterday done TNF SG 50KM in 6:34:09.
Overseas Podium Achievement on 2 Ultramarathon races
   * Salomon Bangkok Ultra Trail 50KM (7.15km x 7loops), Men Open Age 30-39, 3rd Placing with trophy
   * Rizal to Laguna to Quezon (R2L2Q) Ultramarathon 87.70KM @Philippine, 3rd Placing with trophy

Latest achievement, Half Marathon new PB at GM Klang 8 – 21Km, is finally achieved. Managed finish in Sub 1h45m by clocked in 1:44:51(New PB). Brake off my last year PB on 2013 Brook Half Marathon 1:45:59 that long attempted. And also accomplished the trail looping Ultra Marathon 56km (7km x 8 loops), the Trail In Twilight Stars Men Open 4th Placing, awards the GOLD Medal on last weekend, 20th December at Penang island.

Y2014, succesfully achieved 12x25, 25 marathons or beyond FM distance to completed in 12 months period. 
Estimated total race mileages accumulated in race for 2014 will be approximately 1,768KM which covered 10 Full Marathon, 15 Ultramarathon & etc. Race joint up to month of December 2014, I had accomplished 29 Full Marathons & 19 Ultra-marathons in my 6th running journey since 2009. 

End of 2014 is just around the corner, and New Year 2015 will begin soon, new chapter new mission in my running might going to create new objective, achievement and so? Will I be going 100miles or longer distance? is NOT sure; and NOT YET ready for that. Be honest, I still prefer trail run more, adventure hiking, and deep forest camping much more than joining race. I love nature, out of busy city life will always discharge my body.
Anyway, this year I have achieved many impossible (I’m Possible) things on my running journey which I never dare to think before, thanks God… I’m accomplished all these ultra races with injury free till now. Running will be part of my lifetime activity as healthy exercise. I will definitely cut down the races and be selective in coming year, due to future commitment, running is cheaper sport but still have a huge expense on registration fee, hotel accommodation and flight. Thus really need to think twice before signing up races.

Thank you those who have walked into my life, with your valuable guidance, support, encouragement, advice and sharing yours helping hand that made me an extraordinary person/runner. Without knowing you all, I might not be able to reach here and won’t have today’s achievement in running. Again, thanks all of you and our friendship will remain forever.

An inspiration note share to all:      

No Matter What Comes Your Ways, Shake It Off & Move Forward.

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